PM Narendra Modi boosted the spirit of Wrestler Pooja Gehlot


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks to sportspersons participating in various sports. Congratulate the winners and encourage the losers. This trend is also going on in the Commonwealth Games. In fact, in the Commonwealth Games wrestling match, Pooja Gehlot lost the gold match and had to be content with the bronze medal. Pooja became very disappointed about this and expressed grief over losing the gold. She said that next time she will try her best to win gold. Prime Minister Modi had encouraged her when Pooja was saddened in this way. He said that Pooja, your medal is a joy for us, not a sad one. Your life journey motivates us. We take pleasure in your success. You still have more success water in your life.

A Pakistani journalist has become a fan of PM Modi regarding this. This journalist has praised PM Modi for encouraging the athletes of his country by tweeting. Pakistani journalist Shiraz Hassan has tweeted, quoting this point of PM Modi. Questioning Pakistani leaders, Shiraz has written that do the leaders of our country even know that our athletes are winning medals? Shiraz has written in his tweet that the people of India promote their athletes in this way. Pooja was sorry for not winning her gold, so her Prime Minister himself encouraged her. Has any such message ever been given by the Prime Minister or President of Pakistan? Do they even know our athletes are winning?