Ranbir and Alia returned without seeing Mahakal due to Bajrang Dal protest in Ujjain


Ujjain. Film actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt reached Ujjain on Tuesday to have darshan of Lord Mahakal. On the information of his reaching the temple, the protest of Bajrang Dal workers started. The workers reached the temple premises and started shouting slogans. They also had black flags and placards in their hands. When some activists started entering the premises by removing the barricades, the police stopped them. During this there was also a scuffle between the policemen and the workers. A worker was beaten up by the police. Bajrang Dal says that Ranbir Kapoor describes himself as a beef lover. In such a situation, they should not be allowed to enter the Mahakal temple. The activists also spoke of opposing the film Brahmastra. Let us tell you that Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were going to visit the Mahakal temple on Tuesday to see the evening aarti. On receiving this information, Bajrang Dal workers reached near the temple premises. They started protesting. When the police present on the spot prevented the workers from entering the premises by putting up barricades, there was a ruckus. A worker started removing the barricades. During this a scuffle also took place with the police. Later, the police also thrashed a worker.

prevented from going to temple

According to the schedule, Ranbir and Alia were to reach the Mahakal temple at eight o’clock. But due to the protests, he was stopped from going to the temple. Officials said that the situation is under control at present. Stayed for a while in the collector’s residence, saw the peak on the way – Alia Bhatt decided not to visit on the information of the protest. After this Alia and Ranbir stayed at Collector Ashish Singh’s residence, then these people left for Indore. On the way, Mahakal Shikhar Darshan was seen from the side of Harifatak Bridge.

Director Ayan Mukerji reached the temple

The director of the film Ayan Mukerji also came to Ujjain with Ranbir and Alia. The actor and actress could not reach the temple due to the protest, but Ayan Mukerji had darshan of Lord Mahakal. The administration made him have darshan of God in special security. Earlier Ranbir and Alia came to Indore for the first time after marriage. Both got married on 14 April.