Student murdered by slitting his throat with a sharp weapon in Chhattisgarh


In Chhattisgarh, a student was murdered by slitting his throat with a sharp weapon. All the family members had gone to attend a wedding ceremony, the student was left alone at home and when the family members returned from the wedding the next day, the dead body of the young man was found in Bitkuli village of Chandan Chowki. As soon as it was given to the police, the police team reached the spot. Police said that on seeing the body, it is found that the neck of the youth has been slit with a sharp weapon. At the same time, some injury marks were also found on the body of the deceased. Kishan Sahu was 19 years old and a student of class 12th. His family members told that he did not take the exam this year. He lived at home. He used to share his hand in the work of his parents. It is learned that on Saturday, his parents and family members had gone out for a wedding. At that time this incident happened. The police is now investigating this case from different angles.