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Suddenly a 6 feet long python came out in KK Nagar Colony, there was a stir


Updated on 12 Sep, 2022 05:30 PM IST BY KHABARBHARAT24.CO.IN

Agra. On hearing the name of the snake snake, the breath of the best man gets stuck. If a snake is seen nearby, people tremble with fear. There was a stir in KK Nagar Colony street number 10 in Sikandra police station area of ​​Agra when a 6 feet long python suddenly came out. This sight was shocking to Sneman and others present there. In fact, when the eyes of the people of the colony fell on the 6 feet long python at night, people came in panic. The residents of the colony informed the Wildlife SOS about the matter. A two-member team of Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit immediately reached the spot.
As soon as the information was received, the wildlife team reached the spot and rescued the python. However, the python rescued by the team of wildlife has been released in the wild. The team says that sometimes in search of food, pythons come out of the forest and move to populated areas.
The whole incident is of KK Nagar street number 10 of police station Sikandra area last night. It was fortunate that no one was harmed during this time. Although python snakes are not poisonous, but when attacked, they can attack and harm anyone. But the snake was rescued in time.