Sunderkand will be recited on every Tuesday in Brahmin Mahasabha


colony . Sunderkand will be organized on every Tuesday in the National Brahmin Mahasabha office premises. It started from last Tuesday in which the devotees including the officials took part in the Manas Path.
To maintain the continuity of Sunderkand recitation on every Tuesday, a religious cultural cell was formed on the proposal of National General Secretary Shambhunath Mishra. In this, National Joint Minister Vijay Bihari Tiwari, Ashok Kumar Mishra, Rahul Mishra and Prashant Pandey have been given special responsibility.
National President of Rashtriya Brahmin Mahasabha, Pt. Ashok Kumar Shukla said that on every Tuesday, where religious works will be done with the Sundarkand recitation, the organization will also be strengthened and there will be more momentum in the construction of Shri Parashuram temple.
Dr. Virendra Kumar Tripathi, Shambhunath Shukla, E. Radheshyam Pandey, Kola Pandey, Shrikesh Pandey, Akhilesh Dubey, Subhash Shukla, Akash Pandey, Anurag Shukla, Avneesh Shukla, Pt. Shiv Kumar Mishra, Rammani Pandey, mainly in Sunderkand text. Puja, Guddan as well as many devotees contributed.