Tattoo craze can invite diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C


Kanpur . If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, then know that a small mistake of yours can invite major diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Tattooers may not know the reason for this. Actually, tattooing needles are very expensive. Because of this, tattoo artists try to make tattoos of many people with one needle. Viruses and bacteria do not even free them well. This is the reason why many such incidents have come to the fore in recent times, when people getting tattoos have become victims of HYV and Hepatitis B.
The reason is simple, if someone getting a tattoo is infected with HIV or hepatitis B or C, then other people can also get infected through that infected needle.
Recently, 12 people have come under the grip of HIV infection due to similar tattoos in Varanasi. In such a situation, whenever you go to get a tattoo done, open a new packing and get the needle changed in front of you.
Seeing the famous sportspersons and cine actors and actresses, the trend of getting tattoos among the youth has increased rapidly in the last few years. This is the reason that tattoo shops have opened everywhere. However, its craze is more among girls than boys. Due to the urgency of getting tattoos, they remain ignorant about their safety. Kanpur has tattoo shops in Swaroop Nagar, Sarvodaya Nagar, Kakadev, Mall Road, Parade, Saket Nagar, Govind Nagar, Rawatpur, Kalyanpur, Kidwai Nagar areas. Neuro Surgeon of GSVM Medical College Dr. Manish Singh said that if you want to get a tattoo done, then do not fall into the trap of cheap. Avoid getting tattoos done by untrained people in open shops on roadside pavements. Chinese needles are used in such shops. The quality of the colors is also not good. Tattooing equipment is also sub-standard, which poses a risk of skin damage and allergic reactions. Many tattoos are made with a needle and paint, in which the total cost comes to 200 to 500 rupees. Good centers have professional (trained) tattoo artists. Here safety standards are taken care of. The instruments are disinfected after tattooing. The paint, tools and needles are also of high quality. In such places, a tattoo is charged at the rate of Rs 500 per square inch. The color charge varies. HIV infection, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Skin allergies, Risk of skin damage.
The skin peels off while getting a tattoo. Because of this, the tattoo needle comes in contact with the blood and plasma of the body. If more than one person is tattooed with a needle, then there is a risk of infecting each other with serious disease. In such a situation, there is also a risk of being infected with HIV, Hepatitis B and C among others.