The elephant ran the forest department’s team, narrowly saved his life…


The presence of elephants remains constant in Korba, Chhattisgarh. It is being told that the Dantail elephant is roaming alone around the villages in the Katghora forest range. Seeing the elephants in the residential area, panic spread among the people. The forest department team is continuously monitoring. The forest department team had reached the information of the elephant’s arrival near the village late in the night. They were trying to rescue the elephant and drive it towards the forest. Before the forest department team chased them away in the forest, the elephant made them run away. Suddenly the Dantail elephant attacked the team. The elephant ran after his car, due to which he had to retreat. Then after hours of effort, the elephant could be driven towards the forest.

According to the information, for the last 15 days, elephants have damaged a lot of people’s property. In the village, elephants have destroyed the crops of many farmers and have also broken many kutcha houses. Due to this the villagers are compelled to stay awake at night. Due to this there is also resentment among the villagers. On the other hand, the forest department is continuously getting Munadi in the area. People are being explained that they should not go towards the forest. The forest department team is keeping a watch. Even after this people are not agreeing.