The journey of Kamala Devi, from an ordinary woman to a sarpanch


Bhopal: Women are becoming socially and politically empowered with economic prosperity by joining the Madhya Pradesh-Day State Rural Livelihood Mission. Kamla Devi Chaudhary, a resident of Karhi Kothar in Satna district, is also among such women. Kamla Devi’s husband Dharmendra Kumar Choudhary used to work as a laborer and Kamla used to feed her two children by making beedi at home. In the year 2019, Kamala Devi Durga joined the Aajeevika Mission as the President of Self-Help Group. Kamala Devi initially started agriculture work with RF amount of Rs 3 thousand and CIF amount of Rs 20 thousand. Along with this, an amount of one lakh rupees received from bank linkage was also used in agriculture work. The income from agriculture led to a vast improvement in the standard of living of Kamala Devi. Now they do not have to spread their hands in front of anyone for small loans. Kamala Devi says that Aajeevika Mission has changed both my destiny and my picture. Kamala Devi is now teaching her children in good schools.

Kamala Devi’s journey did not stop here. Working as a Bank Sakhi after training from RSETI, Kamala Devi helped in making available an amount of about one crore 20 lakhs to various self-help groups. Due to this, Kamla started getting an additional income of about Rs 2 thousand in a month. After receiving tailoring training in collaboration with the mission, Kamala Devi earned an income of Rs. Kamla Devi is getting an income of Rs.4 lakh per annum by taking 25 acres of land near the village on contract from Rs.1 lakh received from bank linkage. Before joining the mission, Kamala Devi had taken a loan from her relatives at high interest rates, after which Kamala Devi has now become debt free.

Kamala Devi has achieved a different position in the society and village due to Aajeevika Mission. Kamla Devi has been elected as the Sarpanch of her village, claiming in the year 2022 Panchayat elections due to increased prestige. While wishing the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on his birthday, he has thanked Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan for this achievement and government programs being run in the direction of women empowerment.