The power of the sons of the leader will be seen in the battle of Mission 2023


Bhopal . On the one hand, the strategic preparations have intensified in the BJP and Congress regarding the upcoming assembly elections, while the race for ticket candidates has also started. The high command in the BJP may have cleared the criteria for not compromising on familyism, but the power of the sons of the leader will be seen in the turmoil of Mission 2023. For this, at present, four big leaders of the party have left the election field for ‘apnea’. Former ministers Gaurishankar Shejwar and Harsh Singh had left the field for their son in the assembly elections. Now two former ministers Gaurishankar Bisen and Nagendra Singh have refused to contest the elections. There are also 12 other leaders who are in contention for their tickets. That is, there is a possibility of a fierce fight for the ticket in the BJP for the upcoming assembly elections.
It is worth noting that Prime Minister Modi had said in May that the family party is the biggest enemy of our democracy and youth. They only think about their own development. In spite of this, in the urban body and panchayat elections also, BJP leaders contested the son-daughter-in-law and close relatives and put full force for them. Now the guideline will decide which leader’s son or daughter will get the ticket in the assembly elections.
Many left seats including Vijayvargiya
In the 2018 assembly elections, National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya had left the seat for his son Akash. Now the MLA from Balaghat, Gaurishankar Bisen has refused to contest the elections. He is a former minister and a seven-time MLA. Age is 70 years. He has put forward for the elections by calling daughter Mausam Bisen as the future MLA. Have given a big dinner in Bhopal. Here, Nagod MLA Nagendra Singh made a statement that he will not contest the next election. He is 80 years old. It is being told that Nagendra Singh will claim for either of his sons or nephew. Nagendra Singh, a four-time MLA from Gud, may also leave the seat for his sons. His age is also 82 years old. Former minister Gaurishankar Shejwar will again ask for ticket for son Mudit. At the same time, Jayant Malaiya will try for son Siddharth.
Green bell of dynasty in BJP
The bell of familyism is long in MP BJP. Assembly elections are to be held in the state in 2023. In such a situation, many BJP stalwarts can claim tickets for their families, but if Modi’s formula goes, then this claim may be in trouble. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s son Kartikeya Singh Chouhan is active in politics. He is active in his father’s assembly constituency Budni. He also took over the responsibility of campaigning in the last two assembly elections. The fourth generation of the Scindia dynasty is now seen to be active in the field of politics. Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia’s son Mahaaryaman can also enter politics. Mahaaryaman has been continuously seen in public programs for some time now. Abhishek Bhargava, son of PWD minister Gopal Bhargava, a strong leader of BJP and Shivraj government, has become active in MP’s politics. In the Panchayat elections, Abhishek remained in the headlines by questioning the politics of familyism. Abhishek had said that even in the Panchayat elections, the guidelines made by the BJP central leadership on familyism should be followed. If there is already an MLA or MP in someone’s family, then no other member from that family should contest the election of Sarpanch, Janpad, or Zilla Panchayat. Sukarna Mishra, son of Home Minister Narottam Mishra, has become active in the Gwalior-Chambal region. He is also a member of BJP State Working Committee. At the same time, like a father, he is making a place among the people. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s son Devendra Pratap Singh has also become active in politics. Devendra is being seen as the successor of his father. In future, Devendra can also claim for the ticket. Mausam Bisen, daughter of former minister Gaurishankar Bisen, is active in the politics of the state. He had claimed ticket in the 2018 assembly elections. He had to face opposition in the party. In the assembly elections held in the year 2018, BJP fielded Gaurishankar Shejwar’s son Mudit Shejwar from Sanchi assembly elections, when he lost to Congress candidate Prabhuram Choudhary by 10,571 votes. Akash Rajput, the younger son of Scindia supporter and Revenue Minister Govind Singh Rajput, who switched from Congress to BJP, is being seen as his successor. Akash has worked in TV serials. Akash had taken charge of campaigning in the by-election to Surkhi assembly seat. The younger son of Tulsi Silavat, a Scindia supporter and minister in the Shivraj government, has become active in politics. He was very active during the Kovid period. Tushmul Jha, son of former state BJP president and former MP Prabhat Jha, is also looking at his career in politics. Apart from these, Sumitra Mahajan’s son Mandar, late Nandkumar Singh Chauhan’s son Harshvardhan Singh Chauhan are still in the race. Similarly, Vijay Shah’s son Divyaditya Shah and MLA Sulochana Rawat are promoting son Vishal Rawat. At the same time, former minister Rustam Singh has intensified the claim for his son Rakesh Singh from Morena.