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The silence of the voters increased the heartbeat of the leaders, know what the people of Mainpuri say


Updated on 28 Nov, 2022 03:00 PM IST BY KHABARBHARAT24.CO.IN

Mainpuri, Political activity has increased in Mainpuri due to the Lok Sabha by-election. Veteran leaders are campaigning on the lines of Prime Minister’s election. Despite this the voters are silent. The politicians are not liking the silence of the voters and their heartbeat has increased. Voting for Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat will be held on December 5. As soon as the time of polling draws near, the SP and the BJP have thrown their full force into the election campaign. This has never happened before in the history of Mainpuri when veteran leaders are holding door to door meetings. Be it SP chief Akhilesh Yadav or BJP’s deputy CM and ministers, all are seeking votes from each and every voter like the Prime Minister’s election. As much activism is being shown by the leaders regarding the election, as much disappointment is visible in the voters. Overall, the voters have remained silent. The leaders are unable to find the trend of which party they will support. This has increased the problems of the leaders.
Voters of rural areas are busy in farming work these days. This is the reason why he is not able to pay attention towards the election. At present, the work of wheat sowing, potato protection and paddy harvesting is going on in full swing in the fields. Mukesh Batham, resident of Bhatai village of Karhal assembly constituency and Hukum Singh Pal, resident of Nagla Bale village, say that there are only two candidates in the fray. Out of these two, one candidate has to be selected. Along with voting, farming work is also necessary.
Voters in urban areas are assuring votes to the leaders of every party. During public relations and election campaign, voters keep saying that they will vote for you only. Then whether it is the leader of SP who is asking for votes and then of BJP. The one who came at the door was made happy by assuring him to vote.