The water of the Sunar river is above the danger mark, yet people are crossing the railway bridge


Damoh. Under the Patharia tehsil of the district, since Wednesday night, the rivers and streams have come in spate due to heavy rains in the surrounding areas. And the traffic on roads leading to other cities has also been affected due to waterlogging. People are getting worried about moving from one city to another. The water has come about 30 feet above the road of the Sunar river on Damoh Patharia main road. Here, only about 15 to 20 feet of water is left below the danger mark of the railway bridge. In such a situation, there was a police system here for some time. After this, the police system was also removed from here and even in such a situation people are seen crossing the bridge risking their lives. Many people of rural areas were seen here, who are seen coming out over the railway bridge due to the water on the bridge, due to which there is also a danger of life, but such a dreadful situation. Even in where police system was not seen and due to lack of police system, arbitrary attitude of people also prevails here and people are crossing the bridge risking their lives. The connectivity of many villages has been cut off from the roads connected to the city, due to which the children’s coming to school for education has stopped completely. The only road connecting Damoh to Patharia, in which two rivers also come and this is the only way that connects the villagers to the city, in which the river is in spate. The traffic has stopped completely due to the sinking of the bridge of the Sunar river and this is the attitude of the government because the work of the big bridge here has been stopped for the last several years, due to which the small bridge gets submerged due to a little rain and the traffic and traffic is complete. Kind of stops.