Three elephants fell in the well, forest department rescued all three from the rescue operation


In the Dugli forest range of Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh, a herd of 30 elephants is roaming in the area. A herd of elephants is moving forward, damaging the standing crops in the fields. Last night, three elephants had fallen in the well adjacent to the farm of farmer Ramesh Netam in Chargaon of Dugli. Due to nightfall, the forest department could not carry out the rescue operation. By morning, the forest department team started rescue. After much effort, the three elephants were pulled out.

In fact, three elephants had fallen in the well located near the farm compartment 339 of Chargaon farmer Ramesh Netam under Dugli area at around eight o’clock last night. On getting information from the Forest Department, all the officers including DFO reached the spot and took stock of the situation. A herd of about 30 elephants was roaming around the spot.

But no restlessness was visible in the elephants. From this it was estimated that the elephants who fell in the well were safe. Since elephants were roaming around in the fields, it was decided not to conduct the rescue operation at night from the point of view of safety.

Later, arrangements were made for two JCBs, search lights, sand and wooden logs etc. so that they could be used when required. On Friday morning, around 5 am, two elephants came out with the help of a nearby solar pump. While the third elephant was unable to come out, one end of the well was removed from the JCB. The three elephants were driven inside the forest. Where all the three elephants are safe and sound. After which the forest department heaved a sigh of relief.