Tie Rakhi according to your brother’s zodiac sign


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of brother-sister relationship. On this day, every sister takes a pledge to protect her brother by tying a protective thread on his wrist. In such a situation, if every sister ties rakhi according to her brother’s zodiac sign, then she will get progress and success in every work in life. So let’s know which color Rakhi should be tied according to the zodiac sign.
The auspicious colors for the people of this zodiac are red and yellow. Sisters should tie a red or yellow thread around the brother’s wrist. This will bring good results in their life.
Their lucky colors are white and blue. Tie rakhis of these colors to the brothers. By doing this their happiness and prosperity will increase.
Green and white are lucky colors for these people. Green colored Rakhi will be good for them. It will bring success to them.
The lucky colors of these people are yellow, green and white. On the day of Rakshabandhan, sisters should tie thread or rakhi of this color to their brothers. This will bring happiness in life.
Their lucky colors are pink, green and yellow. These colors control the fiery nature of these zodiac signs. In such a situation, sisters should tie rakhis of these colors.
Green, yellow and white colors are best for such people. It would be good to tie a thread of these colors on Rakshabandhan. Green colored Rakhi will remove planetary defects.
White, green and blue colors are right for the people of this zodiac. White and blue colored Rakhi will be very good for the people of this zodiac.
Red, yellow, blue, dark red or maroon color is dominant for the people of Scorpio zodiac. It would be better if sisters tie rakhis of these colors to their brothers.
Green, red and yellow are the lucky colors for these people. This time on Rakshabandhan, tie a thread or rakhi of this color.
If white, red and light blue or sky colored rakhis are tied to these people, then there will be a flow of positive energy in their life.
For these people, white, red and blue colors signify auspiciousness. Tie threads of these colors to such people.
Yellow, white and green enhance the personality of Pisces people, it is auspicious for them. Sisters can tie a thread of these colors to him!