Trying to kill the married woman by strangling her for additional dowry, the eye was damaged in the assault


Hapur. The in-laws tried to strangle a married woman living in a locality of Kotwali area for additional dowry. Also the victim was brutally beaten up. Due to this the eyes of the married woman were also damaged. On the complaint of the victim’s side, the police has registered a report against the 8 named accused.
In the report filed with the police, Babita, a resident of Mohalla Asgarpura, told that her sister, Geeta, was married on March 12, 2019, with Kuldeep, who lived in the quarters in the Nagar Tehsil premises. After the marriage, the in-laws started demanding Rs 3 lakh in additional dowry and a car from the sister. When the demand was not met, husband Kuldeep, mother-in-law Ratan Kali, Jeth Jitendra, Dinesh, Jethani Rajendri, Manisha, Devar Raju and Devrani Prati alias Madhu started harassing her. Sister kept on suffering because of not spoiling the house.
On the evening of 30 October, the accused brutally beat up the sister demanding dowry. He also tried to kill his sister by strangulation. In the assault, the sister suffered serious injuries on both eyes. Somehow the sister called the phone and informed the relative in this regard. On the information of the case, the victim reached her sister-in-law’s house with her relatives and saved her. After which the sister was taken to the doctor. Where the doctors told that the sister’s eye has been damaged.