Tunisha Sharma was planning a party on her birthday after 10 days, the last chat went viral…


The news of the demise of Alibaba: Dastaan-e-Kabul’ lead actress Tunisha Sharma has shocked everyone. No one is able to believe that at the age of just 20, Tunisha has taken such a big step and now she is no more in this world. On Saturday, Tunisha had reached for the shooting of the show and then she hanged herself in the makeup room of the co-star. At the same time, Vineet Raina, who has now worked with Tunisha in the show, shared a screenshot of his last chat with the actress, in which she was planning for her birthday.

Actor Vineet Raina, who worked with Tunisha Sharma in “Alibaba: Dastaan-e-Kabul”, shared a screenshot of his last conversation with the actress on social media. In the chat, Tunisha was planning to meet Vineet on his birthday on January 4. Along with this, Vineet also shared a photo of Tunisha which he clicked on the sets of the show.

In the screenshot, Vineet and Tunisha are talking about meeting. Vineet says now we should meet, to which Tunisha says very soon. Then she says, meet soon, you plan and my birthday is also coming, then the party will be on 4 (January 4). Vineet shared his last chat with Tunisha with a broken heart and crying emoji.

Apart from this, Vineet Raina has also shared a picture clicked on the sets of Tunisha, in which she is seen sitting with her eyes closed. With this he wrote, ‘This is the picture that I clicked, I did not know that it would be the last. You said that when I come back to Mumbai, we will meet and we will once again celebrate your birthday, you will sing for me. This is not right. May your soul rest in peace Angel, I will always keep you in my heart. Let us tell you that in this case, Tunisha Sharma’s co-star Sheejan Khan has been detained by the police for four days.