UP’s rubber, fabric, honey, silk herbs and sugar products are pleasing to foreigners


New Delhi . Products like UP fabric, honey, silk, herbs, juices are very much liked by the foreigners. Earlier, there has been a huge jump in these products being exported from the state. In many new areas of export, the beginning of sending goods abroad has also started. Due to the complete arrangements made for export in Uttar Pradesh, where there was not much problem in sending goods during the Corona period. However, exporters here were affected due to low demand. But passing this period, there is a significant increase in exports. The exports in the year 2021 increased by 32 percent as compared to the exports in the year 2020. These figures are from April to December i.e. in the same period in 2020, exports of products worth 111342.6 crores increased from Rs 84183.5 crores. Meat exports grew by only three per cent. Apart from the traditional products from UP, new areas of export have also opened up. Now the product of aquatic organisms, coca and coca by-products has also increased. There has been an unprecedented jump in the export of railway vehicles and their plants. This export was 11.9 percent but now it has increased by 1016 percent. Weberage, spirit, vinegar, tobacco and tobacco products, fertilizers, aircraft parts, boats, explosives, medicines etc.