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While returning from marriage, having fun on the railway track killed


Updated on Nov 30, 2022 06:45 PM IST BY KHABARBHARAT24.CO.IN

Bhopal. On the Barkhedi railway track of the city, a young man started having fun on the track seeing the train coming to scare them along with joking with his friends. When the train was approaching, he tried to move off the track but he got hit by the train which resulted in his death. According to the information received, 26-year-old Roshan Pankar’s son Masood Ali, a resident of Bank Colony Jahangirabad, used to work as a delivery boy in Flipkart. Last day he had gone with another friend Rajkumar to attend the marriage of his friend Raju Kevat. He drank alcohol there. Rajkumar, who accompanied her, told the police that they were going back home during the night. On the way, he met a friend named Tariq at Jinsi Chauraha. In the conversation, Tariq told that he is going to Qazi Camp area of ​​the old city to have food. After listening to her, Roshan and Rajkumar also went with her. After having non-veg food, all three had left for home at around 1.30 pm. As soon as he reached near the Barkhedi gate, Roshan stopped the bike after telling Rajkumar, who was driving the bike, that he had a slight doubt, and after urinating inside the road, he crossed the gate and went inside on the railway track. When friends told him to come back because it is late night and he has to go home. Roshan started laughing after listening to him and started walking on the railway track. When both went after him, he started moving forward on the track. Then when the train was coming from the front, they shouted to him to move away but he kept moving towards the train. Friends told that he was trying to scare them. And when the train came near, he tried to get off the track by jumping, but he got a strong push from a corner of the train. He suffered a fatal head injury in the accident and died in front of his friends. It has been told that Roshan Pankar was adopted by Maqsood. The mental condition of Maqsood’s son, who teaches coaching, is not good. On the other hand, the financial condition of Roshan’s family members is very tight. Due to this, Maqsood adopted Roshan in his childhood and he also taught Roshan to write. By establishing a case, the police is further investigating the accident.