Woman broker absconding who brought fake beneficiary to hospital in Ayushman scheme, reward of five thousand declared


Jabalpur . The hospital operator Dr. Duhita Pathak and her husband Dr. Ashwani Pathak, who extorted money from the beneficiary under the Ayushman Yojana in the Central India Kidney Hospital, are currently lodged in jail. The woman broker who used to bring the beneficiaries to their hospital has absconded. The SIT has declared a reward of five thousand on his arrest. The broker is Raisa Begum, a resident of Gohalpur Sanskar Nagar, who is currently absconding. The SIT issued notices to him several times and raids were also conducted at his house several times, but he could not be traced. The SIT had come to know in the investigation that Raisa Begum got more than one hundred Ayushman beneficiaries admitted to the hospital by making them fake patients. In lieu of this, he has taken lakhs of rupees as commission from the hospital operator. It may be known that in the past, SIT interrogated Dr. Duhita Pathak and her husband Dr. Ashwani Pathak in the jail on the orders of the court. During interrogation, both had revealed Raisa’s name. During interrogation, both had told that once a woman named Raisa Begum came to the hospital, who told that she can admit the beneficiary patients of Ayushman Yojana to the hospital. In lieu of this, he asked for ten percent of the total bill of the patients, which was given as commission.