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Dubai. Last week, Saudi Arabia’s Noora woman was sentenced to 45 years in prison for just one tweet. The woman was accused of using the internet to disturb the social fabric of Saudi Arabia. But now a new disclosure has been made in this case, in which it has been told that what had the woman written, due to which she was sentenced to so many years. The woman had written something about the Saudi prince. In fact, in a report, citing court documents and own sources, it has been told that this Saudi woman was actually punished because she wrote against King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The woman wrote against the two on Twitter for ‘challenging religion and justice’. After this the woman was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Saudi officials called Noora’s tweet malicious. Sentencing the woman, the court observed that the woman’s false and malicious tweet incited the activities of those who want to disturb the public order and destabilize the security of the society and the stability of the state. The woman is also accused of using the Internet to disturb the social fabric of Saudi Arabia.
Not only this, the court made a scathing remark on the woman and said that Twitter is used to insult the state symbols and officials. Therefore, the demand for release of prisoners in security matters is wrong. After this this matter was covered all over the world. The countries of the West also condemned this punishment. Some said the sentence also exposed the real state of human rights in the Gulf countries. According to the information, this action has been taken on Noora under the Anti Cyber ​​Crime Act. Although Noora’s account is not very active on Twitter, but due to her tweet, she was arrested in July 2021 and has now been convicted for the same offense in the Special Court. Noora was sentenced to 45 years in this case. Earlier also a Saudi woman was sentenced to 34 years for using Twitter. A Saudi student studying at Leeds University came home on leave and was sentenced to 34 years in prison. He was accused of having an account on Twitter and followed some activists and retweeted their tweets.